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Wicked Good Berry Parfaits and Excellent, Obvious News

Before we dive headfirst into the obvious, mind-blowingly awesome news that is the epic redesign of Hungry Sam, let's take a look at this morning's deliciousness:

Wowza. This is the berry parfait of mine sweet dreams; a healthy, easy, delicious, antioxidant-packed breakfast appetizer the likes of which I've rarely made. And I can't take any credit for the recipe -- this is Lynn's, via Perri, as I understand it; I was just the assembly worker this time. (And I know what you're asking: "What's with Hungry Sam and the antioxidants?") 

(Don't ask; I have an answer, but it'll bore you.)

Perhaps the only challenge here was finding some fresh, ripe blueberries and strawberries in winter. Lynn had accomplished this already, so all I had to do to help prep for brunch this morning was layer it in, arrange the toppings, and photograph the final effect. Here it is again:

BAM. Looks good, no? Recipe below, after the jump.

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The Russians Love Hungry Sam; and Stacked Heirloom Caprese Salad

Behold! A tasty tower of tantalizing tomato!

First, the delicious stacked heirloom tomato Caprese salad.


Most of the dishes I make, though tasty and creative in their own right, are reasonably straightforward -- I don't generally do postmodernist deconstruction of recipes as you might find in a small plates/microdining gastropub (or whatever the kids are calling 'em these days). However, after a long bicycle ride out at Antietam battlefield with Jim and the BMC, we stopped en route home at a Mennonite farm stand which had a truly beautiful array of mottled, firm, heirloom tomatoes* for sale.

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Giant Changes at Hungry Sam

Photo via Maryland Route 5

Ok, not really GIANT changes. I was just using hyperbolese to make you interested in this post. I'm sorry.

I feel a lot better getting that off my chest.

Reasonable-sized change number one:  

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Hungry Sam's Friday Food (News) Digest!

Welcome to the second hebdomadal (vocab dork!) installment of Hungry Sam's Friday Food Digest! Herein, we shall together encounter the edible, appreciate the absurd, and glance askew at the tastiest, grossest, most interesting and/or horrifying food-oriented news of the last week. Or longer, depending on when I find this stuff. As always, your submissions make this publication better (and easier)!

Lobster-themed Hockey Tourney: Keeping Those New England Stereotypes Alive!
Allow me, as a native New Englander, to translate this article back to its mother tongue: Ayuh, whelp, those theyah kid hawckey playuhs dinnt have themselves a decent tahnahmint so we cooked up the Lawbstuh Pawt Tahnamint so they could play. And we made ahselves some flags, too! Best line from the article: "The Canadian Maple Leaf flag inspired the result, with the leaf replaced by a cheeky-looking lobster holding a hockey stick." Cheeky? You be the judge.

CHEEKY! And yes, I own one of those hats.
Via the Barnstable Patriot. Of course.

HEAVENS TO BETSY! Kurt Russell is Making His Own Wine!

If you're rolling your eyes thinking, Yeah, yeah, another movie star "making" his own wine. Don't. According to Rebecca, the actor was intimately involved in the entire process, "pruning, picking, on the bottling line, blending."
Why should this prevent me from rolling my eyes? So he was involved! I could be intimately involved in the creation of my OWN wine -- I could sing sweet, soft love songs to the grapes, choose the finest petrified wood casks, and laugh evil little laughs at how much money I was going to make -- and STILL end up with a crappy wine. Sorry, The Daily Meal, I'm still going to roll my eyes.
Via the Daily Meal

Does the eye-patch allow for better grape selection?

Libyan Rebels LOVE Themselves Some Snickers Bars
Reprinted in full:
"Now we are eating Snickers bars, before we could only just look at them in the store," said Ayman Ahmed, a 23-year-old volunteer for the rebel forces who together with a group of friends took over the abandoned house of a oil refinery worker in the Ras Lanouf residential area.
"We are really experiencing freedom now," he said, in a living room filled with discarded juice boxes and wrappers from packaged sweet cakes.

I'm concerned about the future diabetes epidemic in Libya if the rebels oust Gadhafi, but as I too love a good Snickers bar, I am sympathetic to Mr. Ahmed.
Via Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish, at The Atlantic

Satisfied? Not until a democracy flourishes in Libya!
Finally, with a hat-tip to my favorite Jerusalem-based rabbinic student:

If Ever a Dip Were to Cause a War, Hummus is it
Ok, so this article focuses on savory, smooth, garlicky, Israeli hummus, but let's face it: Lebanon once sued Israel over the latter's assertion of hummus as its national condiment. There may yet be an all-out hummus war. But it's worth reading this ode to hummus, which ends with TWO bonuses -- RECIPES!
Via Tablet, with hat-tip to Liz!

Also via Tablet
Happy Weekend, Happy Hummus, and send me your food stories!


Friday Food News Digest!

(Replace the word "war" with "food")
Get it? IT'S A PUN.

Every now and again I read some food-oriented news item (beyond my foodie-ness I am also a news junkie) that makes me think, "Gee whiz, the wonderful readers of my blog deserve to know this awesome/hilarious/horrifying news!"

So, welcome, dear readers, to the first ever Hungry Sam Friday Food News Digest! I will be taking liberal creative license with headlines, so, you know, please don't sue me, or whatever.

The Only Context in Which a McDonald's-Only Diet Might Be Acceptable
Maybe. This dude is training for a marathon eating pretty-much ONLY food from the golden arches, which is kind of, you know, alarming. Folks, remember: it's not just calories that matter. I sincerely hope McDonald's is paying for some part of his regimen or inevitably necessary diabetes medicine.
Via the Chicago Sun-Times


Didn't Anyone Wonder Why There Were So Many Adults Buying Ice Cream?
When engaging in criminal activity, Hungry Sam says "Always have a good front!" These guys were creative -- they were selling oxycodone out of an ice cream truck. I'm not sure I have a joke for this -- you know, other than the drug dealing out of an ice cream truck thing.
Via The Huffington Post

The 50 Most Important Inventions (And Discoveries) in Food and Drink
Ok, I could probably live without liquid nitrogen in my kitchen, but hey -- most of these are pretty good. Courtesy of a fantastic food blog, The Daily Meal, this article hits nearly everything I would have included in a list of 50 critical food inventions, and clearly, several I would not. Come on, though, where's the spatula? I REALLY love my spatulas. (RELATED: I almost bought a Darth Vader spatula not long ago.)
Via The Daily Meal
I love my spatulas.

Congressman Accepts Campaign Donations *cough* Bribes *cough* in Wine
I hope it doesn't shock anyone that members of Congress accept enormous campaign donations. I'm a little concerned that this essentially amounts to bribery, but hey -- everyone's doing it! Turns out, some dudes and gals here in D.C. are taking their "contributions" in the form of fine wines. ALSO: in other related Star Wars news, the linked article also notes that another member of congress accepts her "gifts" in the form of art -- which includes a replica lightsaber given by Star Wars creator George Lucas. It's good to be the king, no?
Via Roll Call
I want to read this.

That about wraps up this week's food news extravaganza. I like this, and intend to keep it coming -- and feel free to send me articles as you all see them!


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