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RECIPE: Pan-Seared Salmon with Mustard-Caper Butter

After my last post and its radical, unwarranted departure from the realm of the sane, I thought I'd share with you a nice, straightforward recipe post.

This here fish is a dish I whipped up last Saturday evening, exhausted from a day spent cycling and swimming, with just enough energy remaining to make something tasty.

Behold: Pan-Seared Salmon with Mustard-Caper Butter Sauce!

Looks good, doesn't it? Want to hear a secret? IT TOOK 10 MINUTES.

I didn't even start it until the rice was almost done. So for my readers who want a very fast, very easy, particularly delicious way to look like a brilliant chef come dinner time, I recommend clicking through for the recipe!

Pan-Seared Salmon with Mustard-Caper Butter Sauce (serves about 4)

  • 1.8-2 lbs. fresh salmon or sockeye filets, skin on (not tail end). Salmon steaks would work, but who loves dodging fish bones?
  • 3 T. butter, softened but not melted in the microwave
  • 1 t. coarsely chopped capers
  • 1 T. whole grain or coarse mustard. Try not to skimp on the mustard; it provides much of the flavor.
  • Zest from half a lemon
  • Olive oil or olive oil spray
  • Salt
  • Instructions:

    1) Heat a large frying pan to medium-medium high and lightly oil the pan. Using a fork, vigorously stir the capers, mustard, and zest into the butter. Put the butter mixture into the refrigerator.

    2) Cut the salmon filet into four equal portions (or however many portions you'd like, but small enough to maneuver with tongs). Hint: use a large, very sharp, non-serrated knife for this. Trust me. (If you need any pointers, this video will help.) Lightly salt the portions.

    3) Place the salmon portions into the frying pan, skin side down, arranging them so that a) there's at least half an inch between them and b) the thicker part of each portion is toward the center of the pan. Cook 4-5 minutes or until a little more than half of each portion is opaque.

    4) Using tongs, carefully and gently flip the portions and cook another 3 minutes. If your portions aren't quite the same size, feel free to cook the larger slightly longer. Remove the portions from the heat.

    5) Serve, skin side down, with a good forkful of the butter mixture on top, and with whichever side dishes you damn well please!

    Enjoy, my friends, and stay hungry!


    BONUS! To make the asparagus, preheat the broiler to high. Toss the asparagus with a little salt and pepper and olive oil and arrange on a baking sheet. Broil about 5-6 inches from the heat source for about 8 minutes or until it reaches your desired level of awesomeness.

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    Reader Comments (2)

    I've totally had this Lean Cuisine!

    June 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMadeline

    These sound amazing! I’ve been experimenting with a reduced gluten diet (simply because that’s what my body has been craving–seriously, my stomach suddenly started getting all pissy at me any time I ate bread!) and have been craving almonds and almond butter like crazy. Though, it makes sense now after reading that almonds can help in balancing your blood sugar–I think mine’s been very confused since I dramatically cut out most of my wheat intake a few days ago

    July 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAesorol

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